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eBay - Follow your passion!

From the mundane to the extraordinary, there is passion in all of us. eBay recognised this and wanted to reposition the brand as a facilitator in the realisation of these...

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Ferrero wanted to revitalise the old character of Charlie, the icon of Kinder Pinguí.
How could we give a new face and a personality to the penguin of Kinder ...

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How to create content to be communicated during the World Cup, without talking directly about football?
For the first time, Beck’s was the FIFA World Cup sponsor. ...

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Walgreens was looking start a conversation with their consumers by providing them meaningful how-to content that focused on Walgreens expertise in health and beauty.
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ebay Video at Scale for SEO

The goal of this project was to cost-effectively produce a high volume of compelling video stories around target shopping terms.
The campaign was designed to generat...

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My M&M's turned to Vizy to produce the video to build My M&M’s brand awareness throughout the Valentine’s Day season. They wanted a video that viewers would be compel...

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Microsoft - Surface Pro 3

To describe the characteristics of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and create a good expectation of the product without showing the tablet itself.
The challenge for...

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IHS is an information company with a diverse product offering and clients in business and governments around the world.
They needed B2B video to help communicate how...

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Dell wanted to create a number of videos to include as part of the “getting started” experience new customers would encounter when starting their device for the first...

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1. To create a story that express’s Fastweb values, concentrated in the payoff “Imagine! You can!”. Stories that show in an impactful way, how technology makes our ...

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Western Union

Western Union wanted to encourage viewers to trust WU when sending Christmas money to family and friends around the world. They had a specific need for Vine videos to sup...

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Volkswagen was looking to support a new campaign based around the hashtag #NowYouKnow. They had produced a number of keystone assets and were looking to experiment on Ins...

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